Time and again guests stress that Schlosshotel Seewirt is the right hotel for sauna worshippers. And indeed, ranging from the unique “Schwitzkasten“ made of centuries old pine wood, infrared cabin to Finnish sauna (70 to approx. 90° C), a variety of facilities ensure healthy and relaxed sweating.

The salt-crystal-hay sauna provides another vitalizing experience (80° C max.). The microclimate evoked by the Himalayan salt tiled walls of the sauna room strongly influence the human psyche. By heating the salt crystals you breathe ionized air triggering feelings of happiness. The hay’s essential oils help to calm the senses and relieve inflammations.

The mild and humid temperatures of the steam bath (approx. 40°C) increase the human body’s mobility.

The sanarium with color light (approx. 60° C) differs from the regular sauna in temperature and humidity. Light therapy boosts the body’s regeneration power.

The MR-Vital infrared light and heat therapy cabin made of pine wood (43° C max) provides comfortable perspiration that’s gentle on heart and circulatory system and beneficial in reducing joint and muscle problems.

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