Hiking enjoyment

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  • two certified in-house hiking guides
  • in addition to the Butler program, our expert hiking guides will take you on tours to the most scenic spots in the Nockberge Mountains (from easy to demanding) three times a week.
  • hire of hiking backpacks, walking poles, umbrellas etc.

Whether you’re chatting away or in contemplative silence, our hiking tours always offer new perspectives

Rinsennock, Schoberriegel, Marktlköpfl, 3-Lakes Hike, Königstuhl and Eisenhut…  
The Nockberge Mountains at Turracher Höhe have it all! Gentle hikes from 1,700 up to 2,500 meters above sea level, starting either just outside the Schlosshotel’s front door or at a slightly higher altitude after a comfortable ascent by cable car to become acclimatized.

Enjoy a hike, either alone or with a group. The pace of your gradual ascent is determined by the "Nockys" landscape ...where small wonders line your path before you get the chance to pose proudly by the summit cross. Emotional, sentimental. First the imposing views, then the relaxing break. Cool. And speaking of coolness, boost your well-being by taking a dip in one of the mountain lakes! Start your hikes at Schlosshotel Seewirt, the perfect retreat for dining, unwinding and thoroughly enjoying yourself at Turracher Höhe.

The choice is yours

Almost no hiking at all: An ambitious walk past the three lakes.  
Just a little hiking: the gently rolling hills of the Marktköpfl are perfectly suitable terrain.   
Or a bit more: Experienced hikers enjoy more challenging tours, like the Königstuhl and Eisenhut summits.

Hiking at Turracher Höhe

What are we doing today? Let’ go for a hike! The entire tour is an eight-hours’ walk. Start at Schlosshotel Seewirt, head to Lake Turracher See and uphill to Lake Schwarzsee. From there to the (beautiful!) Weitental valley, via Bretthöhe and Lattersteig up to the Eisenhut. This can be quite exhausting on some days, which is why we confine ourselves to the Schoberriegel summit for the time being. A wonderful hiking tour offering views extending as far as Slovenia, Radstadt and Schladming Tauern. Enjoy a well-deserved break beneath the massive Schoberriegel (2,208 m) mountain summit cross. Those who are more ambitious can continue to the “Gruft,” some 24 meters further uphill in about 40 minutes' additional walking time. A hike perfectly suitable for families with children and/or dogs.

Speaking of the Eisenhut, you have a very good view of this mountain right from the Schlosshotel. This day-hike actually requires a reasonable level of fitness, as the route uphill and back to the starting point is long. However, it's one of those tours that takes you across gentle alpine pastures giving you a clear view of the fantastic alpine panorama before you reach the relatively high (2,441 m) yet gentle mountain peak.

Hiking maps with numerous suggestions

The Turracher Höhe hiking map (available for € 3 at the Tourismusverein Turracher Höhe) features numerous routes including

The benefits of hiking…

Nowhere else, the idyllic solitude seems to be more beautiful than in the Nockberge Mountains. That's at least what our guests tell us. Turracher Höhe has it all: it's a place do discover flowers, watch chamoises, spot nutcracker birds, worship sun rays, swim in mountain lakes and listen to head foresters. Here, you will soon develop a sense again for appreciating nature and animals in all its splendor.

An invitation to simply listen to the splashing and gurgling of the water. To watch a beautiful sunrise and walk through silver moon nights. To spend the night properly prepared outdoors under the infinite starry sky. To let your gaze drift into the distance, to the far reaches of the galaxy…

List of mountain peaks and circular trails at Turracher Höhe

No need to worry about a lack of tours in the Nockberge Mountains - see here a list of the 15 most beautiful mountain tours at Turracher Höhe. By the way, its also possible to approach some summits to an altitude of 2,000 meters by cable car …


  • Eisenhut (2,441 m)
  • Gregerlnock (2,296 m)
  • Großer Königstuhl (2,336 m)
  • Gruft (2,232 m)
  • Kornock (2,193 m)
  • Marktlköpfl (1,845 m)
  • Rinsennock (2,334 m)
  • Schoberriegel (2,208 m)
  • Wintertalernock (2,394 m)

Circular trails:

  • 3-Lakes Trail (7.5 km)
  • Barbara Trail (4.22 km)
  • Mining Trail (4.9 km)
  • Hochrindl-Speickkofel-Bretthöhe-Lattersteig ( 21.1 km)

Turracher Höhe in summer