Butler service

  • Together with the Turracher Höhe Almbutler you will experience a varied mountain summer with unforgettable moments and small surprises.

    Exclusive VIP service

    A free mountain trip every day until 4 p.m. (July & August until 5 p.m.).
    Daily free descent with the Nocky Flitzer from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
    Daily free ride on the Kornockbahn (without sports equipment)
    20% discount on the bike day ticket or 10% discount on the bike 4-hour ticket
    10% discount on bike courses & tours

    The daily guided hikes are also included:


Almbutler tips and etiquette:

Of course, our alpine butler has one or two emergency parcels with him in his rucksack. But other rules often apply on the mountain, everyone has their own responsibility and their own backpack.

Equipment / clothing:

The altitude provides a pleasant cooling off on hot days - but some people work up a sweat on the ascent. A change shirt is therefore highly recommended. Rain, cold and sun protection always belong in the backpack. Also a small first aid package (if necessary with personal medication) and your mobile phone.


Hello & Hello:

From 1,000 m above sea level you are in Austria by "DU". And even more so on the Turracher Höhe (1,763 m). Therefore, oncoming hikers as well as hut owners and their guests - whether on the Carinthian or Styrian side - always look forward to a friendly "Servus" or "Griaß-eich".



The Alm is not a petting zoo !!! Dogs must always be kept on a leash. In the case of grazing cattle, the dog owner must prevent the dog from getting too close to the animals. Should a "cow attack" nevertheless occur, the dog must be let off the leash immediately. Dogs are fast enough and save themselves and thus distract from the dog owner. If a dangerous situation arises anyway: please keep calm and only hit the cow with the stick in an absolute emergency (!!). Move slowly and steadily out of the danger zone without turning your back on the animals.



Our alpine butler is very strict here and checks the footwear very carefully before setting off. Anyone who wears sneakers, shoes or even sandals is not allowed to come along. Rightly so - because the hikes go up to 2,400 m. Ankle-high and weatherproof footwear is therefore a must. They protect and relieve the foot and ensure better surefootedness. In order to avoid painful blisters, new shoes should definitely be worn in over short distances beforehand.



It almost always shines on the Turracher Höhe. Okay - now and then maybe less. But even then, the rays of the sun should not be underestimated at this altitude. Therefore, always carry sunscreen with you in your backpack.



Even if culinary delicacies are included on some Almbutler tours, your own provisions should not be missing in your backpack. For longer to one-day tours, it goes without saying - but enough fluids (tea, water) and a chocolate or muesli bar should always be with you, even on short mountain walks.



This often changes very quickly in the mountains and you cannot influence it at all. Therefore, individual program points can be changed or canceled at short notice by the Almbutler. Thank you for your understanding!




Turracher Höhe in summer